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Modern fleet that meets the most strict ecological requirements

We have fully equipped tractors with semi-trailers. Each of them has a GPS system on board.

The high level of transport services provided by our company is possible due to diversified fleet. Tractors and specialized trailers make execution of special and refrigerated cargo transport possible.

Transport of oversize loads is providing with world-renowned trailers incl. Krone - Coil Liner and Krone - Profi Liner. They allow to transport such loads as: steel constructions, tanks, containers, dredgers, conveyor belts, crushers, building and agricultural machinery, yachts and other equipment or goods, that does not meet the standard cargo dimensions.

For your service are:
  • delivery vehicles with 1,5t-10t loading capacity,
  • standard tautliners with loading capacity up to 24t,
  • frigo,
  • dopplestock frigo,
  • spacious jumbo,
  • izoterms,
  • jumbo trailers,
  • dump trucks,
  • spacious jumbo with fork lift,
  • special trailers.
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